The PG&E Business Energy Performance Program: Receive Rebates to Decrease Your Energy Usage

 The Business Energy Performance program provides cash incentives and a team of energy advisors who can help you identify energy saving opportunities and process improvements for your facility. Improving efficiency makes a difference for your bottom line, reduces air emissions, and conserves natural resources.

 During the webinar, CLEAResult will present case studies of previous rebate programs that pertain to Oil and Gas production and processing.

Projects that will be discussed include:

  • Water Shut off
  • Disposal optimization
  • VFD installations on various motors in oil production/ processing
  • Pipe insulation
  • Pipe reconfiguration/ reducing pump pressure
  • Accelerated replacement of equipment to increase efficiencies

 CLEAResult is implementing the program on behalf of PG&E. CLEAResult has been involved with energy efficiency programs in California for over 20 years with a team of professionals to assist you reduce energy at no cost to you.