Module 4:  Waste Gas Systems (Crap Gas, Junk Gas, Gas Disposal) 

Sometimes steam flood gas contains so much carbon dioxide that we can’t sell it.  What to do?

 Course Outline:

  1. Good Gas vs. Junk Gas
  2. Rod pumped wells: backside gas
  3. Bottom of the well
  4. Middle of the well
  5. Top of the well: wellhead
  6. Gas System Objectives: comparison with sales gas
  7. Meet Regulatory & Company Req’ts
  8. Junk Gas Gathering
  9. CVR Collection System
  10. H2S Removal, Steam Generators
  11. Compressor Site
  12. Gathering System Liquids Management
  13. What is a P-trap?
  14. Recovering Liquids from the Collection System
  15. Summary

Instructor: Lisa Denke, P.E.