Module 3:  Natural Gas Collection, Compressors, Plants

This module will discuss gas processing, with an emphasis on gas that can be sold (as opposed to “waste gas.”).

Course Outline:

  1. Good Gas vs. Junk Gas
  2. Overview of Gas from Well to Consumer
  3. Oilfield Gas System Objectives
  4. Sales Contract Gas Composition
  5. Process Objectives
  6. Gathering System Overview
  7. Gas Collection (Gathering) Issues
  8. Separators, Compressors
  9. Example Gas System: Borregos
  10. Make it Transportable: Hydrates
  11. Meet a Sales Spec: Remove CO2 & H2S
  12. Oilfield & Gas Plant Processing
  13. Cryogenic Gas Plant
  14. Removal of Condensate from Raw Gas
  15. Gathering vs Flowlines (Collection)
  16. Summary

 Instructor: Lisa Denke, P.E.