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CCCOGP Board of Directors

  • Trent Rosenlieb (Chairman), Berry Petroleum
  • Michael McWilliams (Vice Chairman), Sentinel Peak Resources
  • Chuck Rindels (Secretary), Aera Energy LLC
  • Sandra Szymanski  (Director), Chevron Corporation
  • Ken Haney (Director), California Resources Corporation)
  • James C. “Chris” Hall (Director), Drilling & Production Company

CCCOGP Engineering Board

  • Sandy Gonzales (North Area Chair),  Aera Energy, LLC
  • Serge Baghdikian (South Area Chair), City of Long Beach, D.O.P.
  • Dave Budy, Sentinel Peak Resources.
  • Omar Hayat, California Resources Corporation
  • Dallas Tubbs, Chevron Corporation
  • Craig Zubris, Berry Petroleum

Honorary Life Members
H. J. Cavigli:  Consultant
J. B. Graner:  Graner Oil Co.
Ben Nevill:  Retired
J. J. O’Brien:  Retired
Conrad Von Bibra:  Conrad Von Bibra Mgmt.